Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

Hazard Communication

Cleveland-Cliffs is committed to managing the risks that chemicals may pose to the health and safety of our environment. We publish documents to communicate our hazardous substance regulatory compliance and provide contact information for our quality assurance department to address any questions or concerns.

Letters related to:

Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals (REACH)

Restriction of Hazardous Substances 3 (RoHS_3)

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Product Origination

When raw materials used to produce steel originate in the U.S., this initial procurement decision can contribute not only to the sustainability of Cleveland-Cliffs’ supply chain but to the sustainability of the country. A healthy steel industry plays an important role in the growth of the U.S. economy, the general welfare of the populace and the national security of the country. Beyond this initial contribution, steel is infinitely recyclable and can be reproduced without the loss of performance.

Letters related to:

LEED - Recycled/Extracted Material

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Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets (SDSs) are an important component of our product stewardship and occupational safety and health. To request Safety Data Sheets, please email


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