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Cleveland-Cliffs' fully integrated portfolio includes custom-made pellets and HBI; flat-rolled carbon steel, stainless, electrical, plate, tinplate and long steel products.

Carbon Steels

The Company offers carbon steels with a diverse range of mechanical properties and alloys, making them the ideal material for various applications. Carbon steels are used in products that impact your life everyday. From the HVAC system that keeps your home and office comfortable, to the home appliances that bring your family together and to the high strength steels used by the automotive industry to protect your family on the road. Our engineers are ready to find solutions for our customers’ design needs.

All flat rolled coil steel is initially hot rolled by passing a slab through a multi-stand hot rolling mill to produce a wide variety of thicknesses up to one inch thick. Modern state-of-the-art process control computers set up and monitor all the equipment necessary to roll and coil the steel to the customer's exact specification.

Carbon offerings include Advanced and Next Generation High Strength Steels. Our continuous product and process innovation produces high quality steels for the future. Our other carbon steel offerings include: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Electrogalvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvannealed, Aluminized Type 1, Aluminized Type 2, Enamel and Galvalume.

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Stainless Steels

Stainless steel is an alloy steel containing at least 10.5% chromium along with iron, and, based upon desired properties, other elements including: carbon, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, nickel, titanium, niobium and more. We manufacture over 50 stainless steel alloys, particularly specialized grades offering unique properties for durability, strength, fabrication and temperature resistance, as well as, an aesthetically attractive line of finishes to meet customer needs.

Depending on the grade, stainless steel applications are used in automotive exhaust systems, automotive trim, cookware, cutlery, furnaces and more.

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Electrical Steels

Electrical steels are essential for the electromagnetic machines that power our world. Electrical steel sheets are used as magnetic cores for everything from power generators to transformers to motors. Efficient electrical steels are essential to modern day living. Through our subsidiary AK Steel, we are the only U.S. producer of electrical steels that are essential for the transformers that distribute power efficiently across the electrical grid.

We are committed to offering the most efficient electrical steels. Looking to the future, we are committed to developing the next generation of electrical steels that will power more efficient transformers, generators and motors - including motors used to power hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Plate is steel that is generally heavier than 3/16-inch-thick and greater than 48 inches wide. Our plate is produced on a discrete plate mill. If required, further heat treating can be utilized to tailor the physical properties of the plate to meet various requirements. This includes thermal-mechanical controlled processing (TMCP), normalizing, and quench and tempering. The plate can be cut into sections for specific end uses as needed.

Carbon and High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel plate is used in a variety of applications, such as storage tanks, ships and railcars, large diameter pipe, wind towers, machinery parts and offshore structures. More specialized steel plate, such as alloy plate, can have superior strength and performance characteristics for particular applications. These applications could include the manufacture of construction, mining and logging equipment, pressure vessels, the fabrication of bridges and buildings, military armor and hard rock processing equipment.


Tinplate mill sheet steel is used to produce food packaging and other containers. It is available as black plate, tinplate and Tin-Free Steel (TFS). Black plate is an uncoated thin gauge cold-rolled steel intended for use in the untinned state or to produce other tinplate mill products. Tinplate is black plate, electrolytically plated with metallic tin through an acid or alkaline process. TFS is black plate that has been electrolytically plated with metallic chromium and chromium oxides.

Both tinplate and tin-free steel undergo a plating process whereby the molecules from the positively charged tin or chromium anode attach to the negatively charged sheet steel. The thickness of the coating is readily controlled through regulation of the voltage and speed of the sheet through the plating area.

Tinplate mill products have been shown to be a product of choice for canning and preserving food as the shelf life of food in such products is generally two years.

Long Products

Long product offerings include a selection of sheet piles, rails and quality wire rod. The offering is a wide range of sections to meet the demands of downstream customers.

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