Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

Precision Partners is an advanced manufacturing and engineering services company, producing innovative designs.

Both tin plate and tin-free steel undergo a plating process whereby the molecules from the positively charged tin or chromium anode attach to the negatively charged sheet steel. The thickness of the coating is readily controlled through regulation of the voltage and speed of the sheet through the plating area.

Tool and Die

State-of-the-art tool build facilities are supported by highly talented tactical specialists, accessing the latest efficiencies that technology has to offer. With expertise in robotic transfer, progressive, automated transfer, and hot-stamp tooling, the organization offers a broad range of tool build capabilities. Tool building supports both hot and cold stamping operations.

Auto Components

Our automotive stamping services offers manufacturing and engineering services to produce innovative, lightweight components and subassemblies. With a track record of designing tools customers believed impossible to manufacture, Precision Partners is one of the few companies in the market that can provide the full catalog of formed, and assembled components. Whether it be hot stamped press hardenable steel or cold stamped advanced high strength steel we are a leader in die design and tooling and process.

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