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Butler Works is located on a 1,300-acre site in western Pennsylvania, a one hour drive north of Pittsburgh. Electrical and stainless steel melting and casting, hot and cold rolling, and finishing operations are housed in 3.5 million square feet of buildings.

Major Production Facilities

  • 230 ton electric arc furnace
  • World’s largest Argon-Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) unit, 175 ton capacity
  • Twin station ladle metallurgy furnace
  • Two double-strand continuous casters
  • Slab reheat furnaces and slab conditioning facilities
  • Five-stand hot rolling mill
  • Anneal and pickle lines
  • Electric box annealing furnaces
  • Two tandem cold rolling mills
  • CARLITE®/scrubber lines
  • Decarburization lines
  • Slitting lines
  • Packaging line
  • Weld and trim units


Butler Works is a leading producer of flat rolled electrical and stainless steels, as well as a supplier of stainless and carbon semi-finished slabs.

  • TRAN-COR® is the only high-permeability electrical steel made in the United States, which is used in power transformers.
  • Regular Grain-Oriented (RGO) products are used for power and distribution transformers. AK Steel is the only producer of this in the United States.
  • Cold Rolled Non-Oriented (CRNO) grades are used primarily in electric motors, generators and lighting ballasts. Ferritic (Chrome) grades used in applications that need to withstand extreme heat and corrosive conditions.
  • Chrome Austenitic (Nickel) grades of stainless steel are designed for applications that demand extraordinary strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Carbon Slabs are produced on one of the two dual-strand casters. Butler Works can produce ultra-low sulfur steel, which is beneficial for many carbon steel applications including Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). These slabs are then finished at AK Steel’s other manufacturing plants.


Markets Served

  • Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Stainless and Carbon Converters



Butler Works has earned IATF 16949 and IS0-9001 certification. The plant is a recipient of several quality awards, including a "Best Operational Improvements" award from American Metal Market, a leading metal industry publication. Butler Works has also received the "Pennsylvania Governor's Award" for labor management cooperation.

Butler Works Fact Sheet

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200 Public Square, Suite 3300, Cleveland. OH 44114-2544 - Phone: 216-694-5700