Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

A domestic supplier of high-quality, customized HBI

Cleveland-Cliffs completed its first direct reduction plant in 2020.  We are excited about being the sole producer of high-quality HBI for the steel market in the Great Lakes region.  The new plant was designed and engineered by Midrex Technologies.  We have the nominal capacity to produce 1.9 million metric tons of HBI per year. 

Premier location 

Our Direct Reduction plant is near the Port of Toledo, approximately 120 miles from our corporate headquarters in Cleveland and within excellent proximity to customers in the Great Lakes region. Our plant’s site has logistical advantages such as an existing dock, rail access, and availability of critical utilities such as natural gas, electrical power, and water.   The location allows our plant to receive our iron ore pellets produced in Minnesota, similar to how we currently supply our existing blast furnace customers. 

Environmental Stewardship

Producing steel using HBI requires significantly less energy, and generates lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional processes. The environmental footprint and overall lifecycle of this Direct Reduction plant and the products it produces will further improve the energy efficiency and lower the carbon footprint of the domestic steel industry. Natural gas and DR-grade pellets are the only raw materials used in the direct reduction process.  No hazardous or toxic by-products will be generated from the process.  Water recycling initiatives will conserve water use and minimize discharges.

High Carbon HBI Spec Sheet

Download a PDF spec sheet of the chemistry and physical properties of our High Carbon HBI product.

Contact Us

For vendor inquiries or information about the Direct Reduction plant, contact Cliffs at the e-mail address below.
200 Public Square, Suite 3300, Cleveland. OH 44114-2544 - Phone: 216-694-5700