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Precision Partners is an advanced manufacturing and engineering services company, producing the world’s most innovative designs. As a subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs, this allows Precision Partners to offer fully encompassing solutions from Ore to final assembly. Utilizing ten plants across two countries, our team of 1,500+ employees produce countless cold, and hot stamp assembly solutions.

With a track record of designing tools customers believed impossible to manufacture, Precision Partners is one of the few companies in the market that can provide the full catalog of formed, and assembled components.

With an approach highly attuned to solving customer issues and commercial problems, our teams provide a full spectrum of capabilities. Starting from concept and design, to analysis and simulation, our teams work side by side through manufacturing, engineering, and prototype testing, all the way to final production.

Customers have the option of utilizing Precision Partners as an extension of their internal engineering departments, or by creating interdependent relationships with engineers early on in the new model design process. Our team also provides short lead time emergency support while maintaining production, ensuring that no inventory outages occur.

Core Strengths

Precision Partners’ core strengths are in our complex hot, and cold stamping assemblies. With our research and development focused on both customer-specific requirements and broad application, we are able to develop high tensile strength components. One major key to our performance quality is the production of lighter and stronger frames. Achieved by utilizing our ultra-high-strength hot stamping, we have been able to offer driving-above-market performance, while focusing on the most complex and safety critical hot stamping components. Hot stamping is only one of our many core competencies.

Precision Partners’ hot stamping offers the most effective methods for unlocking substantial weight-saving opportunities, while utilizing our patent-pending key metrics superior to those used by industry competitors. 

Precision Partners wide range of cold stamp assets, ranging from 150 to 3,000 ton stamping presses enables the manufacture of the strongest ultra-high strength steels, which is key to our light-weighting strategy. 

Assembling and Finishing Options

Alongside cold and hot stamping, we offer a wide range of complex modular assembly and finishing options. Whether it is fully automated assembly, laser cutting, manual assembly applications or E-coating, each is another tool in simplifying the supply chain. Our tool makers consistently push the limits of product design — creating tools that successfully manufacture more complex and heavier gauge parts, using processes typically reserved for simpler tools. With expertise in robotic transfer, progressive automated transfer, and hot-stamp tooling, we offer a broad range of tool build capabilities.

The key to making all of this work is in the strategies behind our engineering and tooling. By facilitating flawless launch and production capabilities without sacrificing increased component manufacturability, we reduce production cycle times, secondary processing scrap and rework. All of this starts and ends with our belief in product co-development. Developing our products alongside our customers adds depth to relationships, ensuring deliverable expectations are exceeded and provide superior quality.

After 63 years of providing advanced engineering solutions, we know this is only the beginning. With new cutting-edge innovations, comes new and challenging problems, problems our cross functional teams are ready and excited to overcome. Precision Partners — driving efficiency, quality, and performance in production.

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