Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore Pty Ltd (Cliffs) operates the Yilgarn Operations, which includes the mining or iron ore deposits at the Windarling Range, Mt Jackson Range, Deception Deposit (undeveloped) and the Koolyanobbing Range, processing of ore at Koolyanobbing, and road and rail transport between these operations and the Port of Esperance where the processed ore is exported to international customers.


To minimise the potential impacts to these values, mine operations are undertaken in accordance with Cliffs’ Environmental Policy and an AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015-certified Environmental Management System (EMS).

Cliffs’ Environmental Policy outlines the overarching objectives for environmental protection and continual improvement in environmental performance. Cliffs’ EMS provides a structured framework of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and Environmental Operating Procedures (EOPs) for key environmental matters.


Environmental management is coordinated by the Environmental Superintendent with support from environmental advisors and environmental officers. Cliffs also engages a range of specialist environmental consultants to assist with a range of environmental and mining matters.


Cliffs obtains environmental approvals for its operations under relevant Commonwealth and State environmental legislation. Cliffs’ environmental approvals include those granted under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (C’th), Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA), Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 (WA), Mining Act 1978 (WA) and the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914 (WA).

Community Consultation

Established in 2004, Cliffs maintains a Comumunity Consultation Group (CCG) to provide review and comment on the environmental aspects of Cliffs Yilgarn Operations. Membership of the CCG is determined based on submissions of interest from environmental and community stakeholders, with a view to providing an opportunity for key stakeholders to provide review and comment on the environmental and community aspects of Cliffs' mine opperations. The CCG meets as required, with a minimum target of one meeting per annum.

Terms of Reference for the CCG regard:

  • Management and monitoring of 'Rare Flora' and 'Specially Protected Fauna';
  • Mine closure, including rehabilitation;
  • Other environmental aspects/impacts of approved and proposed operations; and
  • Community matters.

Cliffs continues to develop new mining projects in the Yilgarn region. These new projects include development of the Deception Deposit. New projects will be undertaken in accordance with the existing environmental management controls applying to Cliffs’ Koolyanobbing operations.

New Projects

Policy and Certification

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