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Cleveland-Cliffs’ environmentally friendly iron ore pellets enable the production of cleaner steel production in North America. Resource availability, capital intensity and regulatory policy shapes steel markets. Stakeholder and investor expectations are also driving a higher standard of operations with regards to cleaner iron and steelmaking processes. We deliver high quality, custom-made pellets that allow our steel customers to remain competitive in both quality and efficiency while reducing downstream indirect Scope 3 emissions.

Today, Cliffs is poised to capitalize on these structural shifts taking place in the iron and steel industry, which are increasing use of cleaner, higher-grade iron products:

Increased global demand for iron ore pellets to replace sinter feed in steelmaking

In an effort to reduce the associated environmental and human health impacts of wide-scale pollution, environmental reforms in China are increasing its use of iron ore pellets over sinter feed in steelmaking. As the largest steelmaking country in the world, China influences global demand and price premiums for iron feedstock.

As the largest supplier of iron ore pellets to the North American integrated steel industry, Cliffs benefits from growing pellet price premiums resulting from increasing global demand for pellets.

Increased electric-arc furnace (EAF) steel production in North America

Economic and technical efficiencies are shifting the production of steel in North America from blast furnace to electric-arc furnace technology, which represents more environmentally friendly steelmaking through its reliance on recycled scrap and its smaller life cycle footprint

Cliffs will become the first producer of high-grade, ore-based metallics in the Great Lakes region when it opens its HBI facility in Toledo, Ohio. EAF steelmakers will be able to domestically source feedstock and move up the value chain by producing higher-grade and more sophisticated steel products, including flat rolled steel used in auto and appliance manufacturing.

Global Demand for Iron Ore Pellets

Environmental reforms are driving use of iron ore pellets over sinter feed in steelmaking

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EAF Steel Production in North America

EAF steelmaking is more environmentally friendly through its smaller footprint and reliance on recycled scrap.

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