Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

The mining industry is energy-intensive and produces significant emissions in the extraction and processing of our product. We continue to explore operational improvements to reduce emissions and energy consumption which, in turn, reduces our environmental footprint and drives down operating costs.


Tilden Mine played a key role in implementing a generation solution to the electric power reliability crisis that faced the Upper Peninsula in 2013 – 2016. 

UP ratepayers were charged onerous System Support Resource (SSR) payments to maintain reliability of the transmission grid when Wisconsin Electric (WEC) announced its intent to close the Presque Isle Power Plant (PIPP) in 2013.

Cliffs and the State of Michigan negotiated to end the SSR as part of a Settlement Agreement: Cliffs entered into a Special Curtailable Regulated Contract with WEC for an interim solution. In 2016, Tilden Mine entered into a 20-year Special Regulated Contract with WEC to facilitate the construction of cleaner gas-fired generation in the U.P., enabling a long-term generation solution.

Upper Peninsula Energy Solution

The transition in electric power supply will result in emissions reductions of: carbon dioxide by ~75%, nitrogen dioxide by 95%, sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions by 99% and particulate emissions by 45%.

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