Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

Cliffs has made and continues to make investments to reduce our operations' environmental footprint.

Cleveland-Cliffs’ expertise in iron ore pellet production is well established. After World War II, Cliffs was a pioneer in developing the beneficiation and pelletizing process for transforming low-grade iron ore into high quality, custom-made pellets. Since that time, Cliffs has been a reliable supplier of customized pellets for integrated steel blast furnace customers.

We continually evolve our International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 14001 certified Environmental Management Systems (EMS) as the management tool to help improve our performance. The essence of our core value of environmental stewardship is go beyond compliance.

We have made and will continue to make investments to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. Specifically, our efforts have targeted:


  • Development of products that enable clean steelmaking (Link)
  • Significant reduction of air emissions from our operations (Link)
  • Significant reduction in Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions (Link)
  • Efficient and optimal use of water (Link)
  • Optimization of fuel and energy consumption (Link)
  • Improvement of operational and maintenance performance

A progress report for some of our key sustainability goals is available on the "Gauging Performance" page of our website.  

These efforts demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship and our ability to meet customer, investor and stakeholder demands while enabling the production of cleaner steel.

Enabling Clean Steelmaking

Cliffs' expertise in iron ore products allows us to meet customer, investor and stakeholder demands while enabling the production of clean steel.

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Reducing Regional Haze Emissions

Cliffs continues to introduce ways to significantly reduce air emissions from our operations.

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Reducing GHG Emissions

As an energy intensive business, we explore ways to mitigate direct and indirect emissions sources.

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Optimizing Use of Water

Cliffs understands the need and opportunity to protect this finite resource.

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Cleaner Energy Generation

We continue to explore opportunities to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

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Mine Reclamation

Cliffs plans and provides for future land use opportunities after mining.

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