Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

Value-Added Iron Ore and Steel Products

From mining to pelletizing to the development and production of finished high value steel products, Cleveland-Cliffs is the only company uniquely positioned to supply both customized iron ore pellets and flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products in the United States.  The addition of AK Steel, AK Tube and Precision Partners to Cliffs has dramatically enhanced the Company's ability to execute.

Cleveland-Cliffs' operations are comprised of: 

  • Three iron ore mines in Michigan and Minnesota, along with a minority partnership share in an additional iron ore mine in Minnesota. 
  • One fully integrated steel mill in Middletown, OH.
  • Two electric arc furnace steel mills in Butler, PA and Mansfield, OH.
  • One slab producing plant in Dearborn, MI.
  • Two steel finishing plants, primarily dedicated to automotive carbon steels and other high-value applications, in Rockport, IN and Dearborn, MI.
  • Two finishing plants dedicated to stainless and electrical steels in Zanesville, OH and Coshocton, OH.
  • Two electric resistance welding (ERW) plants dedicated to the production of tubular components for automotive and other high-end applications, operating as AK Tube in Walbridge, OH and Columbus, IN.
  • Ten highly technologically-developed plants dedicated to providing hot and cold stampings and assemblies for the auto sector, operating as Precision Partners, Inc., each one strategically located in close proximity to the automotive assembly lines they supply, situated in Canada across the border from Detroit, in KY and AL.
  • One hot-briquetted iron (HBI) plant in Toledo, OH, slated to begin operation in Q4 2020.

PDF Fact Sheets about our Operations are available in the “Fact Center” section of our website.

Cleveland-Cliffs is a major supplier of iron ore pellets from its mines and pellet plants in Michigan and Minnesota. We operate three iron ore mines: the Tilden Mine in Michigan, and Northshore Mining and United Taconite mines in Minnesota. Additionally, we have a 23% ownership stake in Hibbing Taconite in Minnesota. These mines currently have an annual rated capacity of 27.4 million long tons of iron ore pellet production, representing 55% of total U.S. pellet production capacity.

We produce various grades of iron ore pellets, including standard, fluxed and DR-grade, generally for use in our customers’ operations as part of the steelmaking process. Cliffs recently completed a $100 million expansion at its Northshore Mining operation to support large-scale commercial production of DR-grade pellets. With its completion, Northshore Mining is now the only U.S. based iron ore processing facility to produce low silica DR-grade pellets. The Northshore operation is producing DR-grade pellet feedstock inventory for Cliffs’ Hot Briquetted Iron Plant in Toledo, OH, which will be commissioned in 2020.

Environmental Stewardship is one of Cleveland-Cliffs’ core values and it embodies responsible planning and management of our resources. Maintaining our social license to operate requires us to be a leader in sustainable mining practices. To achieve this, we apply the same rigor to our environmental systems and performance as we do to safety, quality and profitability. Most importantly, we do not compromise our safety or our environmental practices for the sake of production.

Cleveland-Cliffs’ mines are located in the states of Michigan and Minnesota. The Company has five tailings facilities across five mining sites, which includes one inactive and indefinitely idled mining site. Of the five tailing sites, two are upstream constructed facilities. The tailings facilities’ embankment slopes are relatively flat gradients.

For decades, Cliffs has employed third-party engineers of record to design and ensure the monitoring and stability of its well-engineered tailings dams. The Cleveland-Cliffs operations team at each mining site is responsible for managing the regular monitoring of its tailings facilities. Annually, Cliffs undergoes a certification process with its external engineers of record, which involves a rigorous review and geotechnical investigations of each of our tailings facilities to ensure structural stability.

As part of the organization’s emergency preparedness operating standard, the Company’s management team at each of its operations undergo an emergency response simulation conducted by a third party crisis facilitator.

In June 2017, we announced the construction of an HBI production plant in Toledo, Ohio and in April 2018, we celebrated the ground breaking for the start of construction. Over the past 32 months, we have made significant progress on the construction of this plant. HBI is a specialized high-quality iron alternative to scrap that, when used as a feedstock, allows an EAF to produce more valuable grades of steel.

During 2018, we increased the expected productive capacity of the Toledo HBI production plant from 1.6 million to 1.9 million metric tons per year based on market analysis, greater-than-expected customer demand and expansion opportunities identified during the construction process. We expect that the HBI production plant, once operational, will consume approximately 2.8 million long tons of DR-grade pellets per year from our Mining and Pelletizing segment. We expect to reach commercial production in 2020.

In March 2020, Cleveland-Cliffs completed the acquisition of AK Steel. AK Steel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs, is a leading producer of flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products. Created to meet its customers’ most demanding requirements, AK Steel products are found across many industries. This includes automotive applications in body panels and structures, specialty exhaust system steels, and materials for hybrid and electric vehicle drive trains.

AK Steel also provides innovative products for the appliance, industrial and construction markets, including a variety of specialty stainless steel products and world class electrical steels used in motors and transformers for power distribution and generation.

More information on AK Steel's operations can be found on its website.

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