Cleveland-Cliffs Inc

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. COVID-19 Preventative Measures

Cleveland-Cliffs has proactively implemented many preventative measures to reduce potential exposure to the virus and to keep our people safe within the workplace. Some of the measures that have been implemented for cleaning, social distancing and health guidelines are available as a downloadable PDF.


Corporate Responsibility 

Cliffs recognizes that the extraction and processing of mineral resources must be accomplished in a manner that creates benefits for the communities in which we operate, minimizes impacts on the environment, and that the heart of sustainable business practices is earning and maintaining our social license to operate. We seek to create shareholder value by implementing strategies that enhance this license to operate, improve safety and environmental performance, and reduce operating costs.

Embedding these fundamentals into our business not only helps achieve environmental and social sustainability goals, but helps ensure that we remain economically viable amidst the challenges of a volatile pricing environment and a deeply cyclical, highly-competitive industry. Through this approach, we look forward to generating opportunities for future generations.

At Cliffs, keeping our employees safe remains the top core value for the Company. If one were to take a survey of each of our operators, they would prefer to have an outstanding safety record over an outstanding record on costs. Employee safety starts with training, not just in rules and regulations, but how to apply them each day. Each employee is shown how they can protect themselves by conducting risk assessments such as Take-5, Workplace Exams, and Hazard ID Tours to identify and eliminate hazards prior to starting work.

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