The following entities are included in the obligated group as of September 30, 2021, as defined in the Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. to which this document is being filed as an exhibit, including Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., as the parent and issuer, and the subsidiary guarantors that have guaranteed the obligations under the 6.750% 2026 Senior Secured Notes, the 5.875% 2027 Senior Notes, the 7.000% 2027 Senior Notes, the 9.875% 2025 Senior Secured Notes, the 4.625% 2029 Senior Notes and the 4.875% 2031 Senior Notes issued by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.
Exact Name of Issuer or Guarantor Subsidiary (1)State of Incorporation or OrganizationIRS Employer Identification Number
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.Ohio34-1464672
Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor LLCDelaware20-0653414
Cleveland-Cliffs Cleveland Works LLCDelaware04-3634649
Cleveland-Cliffs Columbus LLCDelaware01-0807137
Cleveland-Cliffs Investments Inc.Ohio31-1283531
Cleveland-Cliffs Kote Inc.Delaware36-3665216
Cleveland-Cliffs Kote L.P.Delaware36-3665288
Cleveland-Cliffs Minorca Mine Inc. Delaware36-2814042
Cleveland-Cliffs Monessen Coke LLCDelaware25-1850170
Cleveland-Cliffs Plate LLCDelaware20-0653500
Cleveland-Cliffs Railways Inc.Delaware56-2348283
Cleveland-Cliffs Riverdale LLCDelaware74-3062732
Cleveland-Cliffs South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Inc.Delaware04-3634638
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel CorporationDelaware31-1267098
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Holding CorporationDelaware31-1401455
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLCDelaware71-0871875
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Management Inc.Delaware51-0390893
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Properties Inc.Delaware51-0390894
Cleveland-Cliffs Steelton LLCDelaware20-0653772
Cleveland-Cliffs Steelworks Railway Inc.Delaware04-3634622
Cleveland-Cliffs Tek Inc.Delaware36-3519946
Cleveland-Cliffs Tek Kote Acquisition CorporationOhio85-4304182
Cleveland-Cliffs Tek L.P.Delaware363525438
Cleveland-Cliffs Tooling and Stamping CompanyDelaware22-3639336
Cleveland-Cliffs Tooling and Stamping Holdings LLCDelaware31-1283531
Cleveland-Cliffs Tubular Components LLCDelaware31-1283531
Cleveland-Cliffs Weirton LLCDelaware56-2435202
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Holdings Inc.Ohio85-4084783
Cannon Automotive Solutions - Bowling Green, Inc.Delaware26-0766559
Cliffs Mining CompanyDelaware34-1120353
Cliffs Minnesota Mining CompanyDelaware42-1609117
Cliffs TIOP Holding, LLCDelaware47-2182060
Cliffs TIOP, Inc.Michigan34-1371049
Cliffs TIOP II, LLCDelaware61-1857848
Cliffs UTAC Holding LLCDelaware26-2895214
Fleetwood Metal Industries, LLCDelaware98-0508950
IronUnits LLCDelaware34-1920747
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad CompanyMichigan38-6005761
Metallics Sales CompanyDelaware84-2076079
Mid-Vol Coal Sales, Inc.West Virginia55-0761501
Mountain State Carbon, LLCDelaware31-1267098
Northshore Mining CompanyDelaware84-1116857
Silver Bay Power CompanyDelaware84-1126359
SNA Carbon, LLCDelaware31-1267098
The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron CompanyOhio34-0677332
Tilden Mining Company L.C.Michigan34-1804848
United Taconite LLCDelaware42-1609118
(1) The address and phone number of each issuer and guarantor subsidiary is c/o Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., 200 Public Square, Suite 3300, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, (216) 694-5700.