The following entities are included in the obligated group as of March 31, 2024, as defined in the Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. to which this document is being filed as an exhibit, including Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., as the parent and issuer, and the subsidiary guarantors that have guaranteed the obligations under the 6.750% 2026 Senior Secured Notes, the 5.875% 2027 Senior Notes, the 7.000% 2027 Senior Notes, the 4.625% 2029 Senior Notes, the 6.750% 2030 Senior Notes, the 4.875% 2031 Senior Notes and the 7.000% 2032 Senior Notes issued by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.
Exact Name of Issuer or Guarantor Subsidiary (1) (2)State of Incorporation or Organization
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.Ohio
Cannon Automotive Solutions - Bowling Green, Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Cleveland Works LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Columbus LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs FPT Services CompanyOhio
Cleveland-Cliffs Investments Inc.Ohio
Cleveland-Cliffs Kote L.P.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Minorca Mine Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Monessen Coke LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Plate LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Railways Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Riverdale LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Services Holding CompanyOhio
Cleveland-Cliffs South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel CorporationDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Holding CorporationDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Holdings Inc.Ohio
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Management Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Properties Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steelton LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Steelworks Railway Inc.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Tek Kote Acquisition CorporationOhio
Cleveland-Cliffs Tek L.P.Delaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Tooling and Stamping CompanyDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Tooling and Stamping Holdings LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Tubular Components LLCDelaware
Cleveland-Cliffs Weirton LLCDelaware
Cliffs Mining CompanyDelaware
Cliffs Minnesota Mining CompanyDelaware
Cliffs Steel Inc.Ohio
Cliffs TIOP Holding, LLCDelaware
Cliffs TIOP, Inc.Michigan
Cliffs TIOP II, LLCDelaware
Cliffs UTAC Holding LLCDelaware
Ferrous Processing and Trading CompanyMichigan
Fleetwood Metal Industries, LLCDelaware
FPT - Schlafer Division L.L.C.Michigan
FPT Cleveland, LLCMichigan
FPT Florida, LLCMichigan
IronUnits LLCDelaware
Koil Metals L.L.C.Michigan

Exact Name of Issuer or Guarantor Subsidiary (1) (2)State of Incorporation or Organization
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad CompanyMichigan
Lonyo Land L.L.C.Michigan
Metallics Sales CompanyDelaware
Mid-Vol Coal Sales, Inc.West Virginia
Mountain State Carbon, LLCDelaware
Northshore Mining CompanyDelaware
Silver Bay Power CompanyDelaware
SLC Acquisition L.L.C.Michigan
SNA Carbon, LLCDelaware
The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron CompanyOhio
Tilden Mining Company L.C.Michigan
United Taconite LLCDelaware
(1) The address and phone number of each issuer and guarantor subsidiary is c/o Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., 200 Public Square, Suite 3300, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, (216) 694-5700.
(2) Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. is the issuer, all other entities listed are guarantor subsidiaries.