Cliffs Natural Resources Announces RiskMetrics Recommends Spider Shareholders Vote AGAINST Proposed Merger with KWG

Advisor's Recommendation Cites Higher Value of Cliffs' All-Cash Offer For Spider

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (NYSE: CLF) (Paris: CLF) ("Cliffs'" or "CLF") announced today that RiskMetrics Group, has recommended to institutional clients that they vote AGAINST a proposed merger (the "Merger") of Spider Resources Inc. ("Spider" or "SPQ")") (TSXV: SPQ) and KWG Resources Inc. ("KWG") (TSXV: KWG).

RiskMetrics is an independent proxy advisory firm relied upon by major institutional, investment firms, mutual funds and fiduciaries throughout North America. Its recommendation cites the higher value available to Spider shareholders from Cliff's all-cash offer of Cdn.$0.19 per share ("Cliffs' All-Cash Offer"). Said RiskMetrics, "A vote AGAINST is warranted because, in particular, CLF's all-cash offer price exceeds, and SPQ is currently trading above, the price implied by the exchange ratio provided by the Merger."

William C. Boor, President of Cliffs' Ferroalloys business unit, commented, "We welcome RiskMetrics' recommendation and urge Spider shareholders to consider it and vote the YELLOW proxy AGAINST the proposed Merger. RiskMetrics' conclusion agrees with the determination of Spider's Board of Directors and Spider's largest shareholder that Cliffs' offer is superior."

RiskMetrics' Conclusion: "A Vote Against The Merger Is Warranted"

In addition to citing the higher value of Cliffs' offer, RiskMetrics stated, "CLF's all-cash offer provides value certainty. Furthermore, CLF has locked up Spider's largest shareholder who has agreed to support the bid and vote against the Merger unless a competing all-cash proposal at a 10% premium to CLF's latest offer emerges. In the circumstances, a vote against the Merger is warranted."

Cliffs agrees with RiskMetrics that Cliffs' All-Cash Offer is worth more than the proposed Merger. On May 21, 2010, the day prior to Cliffs' announcement that it intended to bid for both Spider and KWG, the combined market capitalization of Spider and KWG was only approximately Cdn.$85 million. Cliffs' All-Cash Offer of Cdn.$0.19 per share for only Spider is Cdn.$125 million in aggregate, indicating that even if KWG offered Spider shareholders 100% of a merged Spider-KWG (diluting KWG shareholders to zero ownership), Spider shareholders would receive far superior value by opting for Cliffs' All-Cash Offer.

Cliffs All-Cash Offer will proceed if Spider shareholders vote against Merger

If Cliffs receives sufficient votes to defeat the proposed Merger at Spider's special meeting of shareholders on July 8, 2010, and if the other conditions of the Cliffs All-Cash Offer are fulfilled or waived, Spider shareholders will have the opportunity to receive Cdn.$0.19 in cash per share as provided in the Cliffs All-Cash Offer.

As previously disclosed, if the proposed Merger is proceeding, Cliffs does not intend to take-up Spider shares tendered pursuant to the Cliffs All-Cash Offer, unless Cliffs believes that it has obtained sufficient votes against the proposed Merger to ensure that it is not approved by Spider shareholders.

The Cliffs All-Cash Offer includes conditions that Spider execute a support agreement with Cliffs and that Cliffs receive commitments in the form of lock-ups from Spider's directors and officers to tender their shares and vote against the proposed Merger. The Cliffs All-Cash Offer is also conditional on Spider terminating its agreement with KWG concerning the proposed Merger.

Cliffs All-Cash Offer Premium is 138%

The Cliffs All-Cash Offer represents a 46% increase over Cliffs' original offer of Cdn.$0.13 per share and a 138% premium over the closing price of the common shares of Spider on the TSX Venture Exchange on May 21, 2010, the last trading day prior to Cliffs' announcement of its intention to bid for the common shares of Spider. The Cliffs All-Cash Offer implies a total equity value for Spider on a fully-diluted basis of Cdn.$125 million.

Cliffs' Objective

Cliffs' strategic objective is to gain control of the Big Daddy chromite project located in the McFaulds Lake area of Northern Ontario. Cliffs currently owns a 47% interest in the project, while Spider and KWG each own 26.5% and have the option to earn-in up to 30% each through additional spending on feasibility studies to establish the project's economic viability.

Notice of Variation

Cliffs has filed under Spider's profile at a notice of variation dated June 25, 2010 in respect of the Cliffs All-Cash Offer. Under the notice of variation, the minimum tender condition would require that there shall have been validly deposited under the bid and not withdrawn at the time of expiry such number of shares of Spider that, together with such shares held by Cliffs, constitutes at least 50.1% of the shares then outstanding, calculated on a fully-diluted basis. The Cliffs All-Cash Offer expires on July 6, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. (Eastern time).

Cliffs has also filed under Spider's profile at the original offer and accompanying circular dated May 31, 2010, and a dissident proxy circular dated June 19, 2010. Cliffs urges Spider shareholders to read the dissident proxy circular and vote the Yellow proxy against the merger.

Voting Deadline For The YELLOW Proxy - time is short

Spider shareholders voting against the Merger must ensure that they vote the YELLOW proxy prior to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on July 5, 2010, in order for the proxy to be deposited with Spider's agent in time to be used at the meeting. Spider shareholders who may have already voted Spider management's proxy before receiving this information have every right to change their vote, by simply voting again, using the YELLOW proxy. Assuming timely delivery, the later-dated proxy will automatically revoke any proxy previously submitted.

Contact Georgeson for More Information

Spider shareholders, banks and brokers who have questions or requests for assistance regarding Cliffs' All-Cash Offer should contact Georgeson, Cliffs' information agent, toll free at 1-866-656-4120. Georgeson can also be contacted via email at

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"Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995

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