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The Leader in Precision Stainless, Carbon and AHSS Steel Mechanical Tubing

Cleveland-Cliffs Tubular Components specializes in technologically advanced, high-quality carbon and stainless tube for even the most demanding applications. Our production technology utilizes electric resistance high-frequency welding, and we are capable of producing aluminum-coated carbon and ferritic stainless-grade tubes, as well as zinc-coated carbon-grade tubes. We are also a leading manufacturer of advanced high-strength steel tubes. Our products are available in round, square, rectangle, and custom shapes, either in mill lengths or cut‑to‑length upon request.

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What do you want protecting your BEV?

C-STAR™ Protection Is an Innovative Vehicle Structure Steel Solution

Modern vehicles use a variety of structural components to protect passengers and internal systems. In the event of a collision, you want the structural components to absorb energy and/or deform in a controlled and predictable way.

Cliffs’ Steel Tubes As Reinforcement – known as C-STAR™ protection ─ when used in combination with structural components, contributes to the ability for structural components to absorb energy and/or deform in a more controlled and predictable way.

A C-STAR structure may be used in electric, hybrid, or ICE vehicles as reinforcements in rocker panels to protect passengers and/or batteries from a side-impact collision. C-STAR protection may also be used to protect motors, engines, electrical components, passenger compartments, storage compartments, and any area in a vehicle where this design is implemented.


  • Cost-efficiency and Sustainability
  • Scalability to meet different performance requirements
  • Manufacturability
  • Less product design space requirement

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We operate tubular component production facilities in Walbridge, Ohio and Columbus Indiana.

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