North America’s Largest Supplier of Flat-Rolled Steel

Cleveland-Cliffs is the largest flat-rolled steel producer in North America and the largest supplier of automotive-grade steel in the U.S. We focus on high-quality, technologically advanced steel to meet exacting performance standards and customer requirements.

We offer flat-rolled carbon steel, stainless, electrical, plate, tinplate, long steel products, carbon and stainless steel tubing, and hot and cold stamping and tooling. Our entire product offering is backed by best-in-class customer service and delivery performance.

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At Cleveland-Cliffs, we are well positioned in the loop of steel recycling. Beginning with iron ore mining and finishing with post-consumer steel recycling, Cliffs plays a key role throughout the process. Read more about our sustainability practices in the "Sustainability" section of our website.

What do you want protecting your BEV?

Cleveland-Cliffs Provides Superior Steel Solutions

C-STAR™ Protection 

Modern vehicles use a variety of structural components to protect passengers and internal systems. In the event of a collision, you want the structural components to absorb energy and/or deform in a controlled and predictable way.

Cliffs’ Steel Tubes As Reinforcement – known as C-STAR™ protection ─ when used in combination with structural components, contributes to the ability for structural components to absorb energy and/or deform in a more controlled and predictable way.

A C-STAR structure may be used in electric, hybrid, or ICE vehicles as reinforcements in rocker panels to protect passengers and/or batteries from a side-impact collision. C-STAR protection may also be used to protect motors, engines, electrical components, passenger compartments, storage compartments, and any area in a vehicle where this design is implemented.


  • Cost-efficiency and Sustainability
  • Scalability to meet different performance requirements
  • Manufacturability
  • Less product design space requirement

Download C-STAR Product Brochure  

Cleveland-Cliffs Battery Enclosure 

The Cleveland-Cliffs Battery Enclosure is a sustainable and robust all-steel battery enclosure concept that meets stringent performance requirements. It is designed to fit any unibody architecture connecting to the rockers through the unique L-shaped tubular side rails.

Our Battery Enclosure design utilizes an innovative one-piece bottom tray stamped with laser-welded blanks, which eliminates the need for additional reinforcements to protect the battery cells. It has novel L-shaped side rails, pushing the limit of design while providing robust protection for a side impact.

The all-steel design utilized here enables a CO2 reduction of more than 70% as compared to a comparable all-aluminum design. It also has the advantage of thermal runaway mitigation.

Download Battery Enclosure Brochure

MOTOR-MAX™ High Frequency Non-Oriented Electrical Steels: Driving America’s BEV Revolution

The push towards electrification has transformed the automotive market with the adoption of newer, cleaner electric vehicles (EVs) as one solution to climate change. The years ahead will bring significant changes to electrification of vehicles. Cleveland-Cliffs is the largest producer of automotive steel and the only producer of electrical steels in North America.  We are your partner in these rapidly changing times, providing electrical steel solutions like MOTOR-MAX steel.

Collaborate with Cliffs

With industry-leading product selection and customer service, we are confident that we can find, or develop, a steel solution to meet your needs.

Doing Business with Us

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The Right Product and Quality for a Wide Variety of Market Requirements

Our product line includes numerous alloys of carbon steel formulated for a wide range of uses.

  • Hot-Rolled
  • Cold-Rolled
  • Electrogalvanized
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized
  • Hot-Dip Galvannealed
  • GALVALUME® (AZ) steel
  • Aluminized Type 1
  • Aluminized Type 2
  • Enameling
  • Third Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS)
Related Markets
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
Over 50 Stainless Steel Alloys Manufactured

Stainless steel is an alloy steel containing at least 10.5% chromium along with iron. Additional elements such as carbon, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, nickel, titanium, and niobium are added to produce a range of desired grades and properties. Stainless steel is used in automotive exhaust systems, automotive trim, cookware, cutlery, furnaces, and more. We manufacture over 50 stainless steel alloys formulated for varying durability, strength, aesthetics, fabrication needs, and temperature resistance.

  • Austenitic
  • Martensitic
  • Duplex
  • Precipitation Hardening
  • Ferritic
Related Markets
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
Powering the Nation’s Grid

We are the only U.S. producer of electrical steels that distribute power safely and efficiently across our country's electrical grid. We are committed to offering the most efficient electrical steels and developing the next generation of hyper-efficient electrical steels to power more efficient transformers, generators, and motors—including motors in hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • Grain Oriented (GOES)
  • Non-Oriented (NOES)
Related Markets
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
Value-Added Products Designed to Meet Customers’ Needs

Steel tubing is used in machined or formed parts of vehicles, industrial and food processing equipment, farm machinery, construction, and household items. We produce round, square, rectangle, and custom shapes of varying diameters, lengths, and thicknesses designed to meet specific customer needs.

We specialize in Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) tubing for automakers. As automakers are challenged to improve safety and fuel economy, AHSS allows engineers to meet required safety, durability, and quality standards while improving efficiency.

  • Carbon Steel Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Electric Resistance Welded Tubing
Related Markets
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
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Tubular Components
Widest Range of Steel Plate Products in the Western Hemisphere

We manufacture carbon and high-strength low alloy (HSLA) steel plates, as well as high-performance specialty steels and alloy steels. We offer clean, low-sulfur steels, a range of heat treatments, and in-line ultrasonic testing.

Our Carbon and HSLA plate products are suitable for storage tanks, ships, railcars, large diameter pipes, wind towers, machinery parts, and offshore structures. Our specialty steel plates are ideal for construction, mining, and logging equipment, pressure vessels, military armor, and hard rock processing equipment.

Related Markets
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
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Lightweight and Sustainable Steel for Consumer Packaged Goods

Tinplate mill sheet steel is used to produce food packaging and other containers. It is a product of choice for canning and preserving food, as tinplate containers prolong shelf life to approximately two years. At Cleveland-Cliffs, we produce uncoated black plate, tinplate, and tin-free steel (plated with chromium and chromium oxide).

  • Electrolytic Tin Coated and Chrome Coated Sheet
  • Tin Mill Products
Related Markets
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
Designing and Manufacturing Custom Solutions

Cleveland-Cliffs is a leader in die design and tooling and process. We are one of the few companies in the market that can provide the entire catalog of formed and assembled components, including innovative, lightweight components, and subassemblies. Our state-of-the-art tool build facilities are staffed by highly talented tactical specialists with expertise in robotic transfer, progressive, automated transfer, and hot-stamp tooling. We have a track record of designing and manufacturing tools that other manufacturers believed to be impossible.

  • Hot and Cold Stamp Assembly Solutions
  • Tooling
Related Markets
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
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Tooling & Stamping
Quality Where You Need It Most

Our long product offerings include a wide range of sheet piles, rails, sections, and quality wire rods to meet the demands of downstream customers.

  • Ingots
  • As Cast Blooms
  • Rolled Blooms – Square and Rectangle
    • Rail
    • Bar
Related Markets
  • Infrastructure and Manufacturing
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Long Steel

Hot-Briquetted Iron (HBI)

Hot-briquetted iron (HBI) is a compact, high-quality, environmentally friendly metallic source and a premium alternative to prime scrap and imported pig iron. Our Toledo Direct Reduction facility is the first of its kind in the Great Lakes region. It is also the most modern and efficient direct reduction plant in the world. HBI is used throughout our facilities at our blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, and electric arc furnaces, as well as sold to third-parties.

  • HBI
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  • Steel Producers